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A Midsummer Night's Dream

False Love

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False Love
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Bottom & Titania
1970 Charles Blackman

Bottom & Titania:
Under the instruction of Oberon, Puck puts a potion on Titania, causing her to fall in love with the ass-headed Bottom.  This potion causes the most unlikely people to fall in love with eachother.  It can also be called humurous love because it is ironic that the Queen of the Fairies is in love with this man!  Bottom does not love her, but goes along with it in order to get attention.  He loves being waited on by Titania's servants.  Later, when the potion is taken off of her, Titania is repusled at the thought of loving Bottom. 
Another example of false love deals with Demetrius, who is an inconsistent lover.  He has been in love with Helena, but then switches to Hermia.  And, by the end of the play, Demetrius again loves Helena.

By: Nicole, Katie, Lindsay and Chris