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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Immature Love

Mature Love
Immature Love
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Lysander & Hermia:
Even though they have not known each other for very long, they think that they are deeply in love.  Lysander says, "I am beloved of beauteous Hermia.  Why should not I then prosecute my right?" (I,i,104).  Both of them also have very immature personalities.  Lysander foolishly says, "You have her father's love, Demetrius; Let me have Hermia's: do you marry him." (I,i,93) Here, he is telling Demetrius to let him marry Hermia, and  Demetrius can marry Hermia's father, Egeus.  Hermia and Lysander use their relationship to escape their problems.  They think that if they are involved, then nothing bad can happen.  Their love is very inconstant.  At one point, Lysander is put under a spell which makes him fall in love with Helena. He pursues her even though she tells him many times to leave her alone.  The way that he chases and flatters her proves that he is immature and does not know how to handle love.

Lysander & Hermia

Demetrius & Helena:
In the beginning, Demetrius loves Hermia and despises Helena. He is very mean to Helena, who loves him, and says, "Tempt not too much the hatred of my spirit, for I am sick when I do look on thee." (II,i,211). Later on, in the woods, he is put under a spell which causes him to fall in love with Helena. She is shocked, and believes that he is playing a joke on her by pretending to love her. In the end, she grows to love him, and they are married.  Their love is comparable to a game of cat and mouse; they have turned love into a game.   During the play, Helena woos Demitrius, unrelenting to his cruel treatment.  She tells him that men are supposed to go after women and not the other way around.
Also, Puck thinks it is humorous to see four Athenian lovers quarrel.  Puck said, "What fools these mortals be!"(III,ii,115).  He implies that the fight and foolishness arises because of love.
Moreover, each man constantly changes which woman he loves and the women cannot believe what is going on.  At one point, Demetrius and Lysander are willing to duel , and Helena and Hermia become "foolish cat-fighters" all in the name of love.

By: Nicole, Katie, Lindsay and Chris